Women’s Health

Early screening for Breast,Cervical,Ovarian and Womb issues has saved many womens lives and this is a vital part of primary care medicine. Observing for changes in addition to prompt and early investigations of symptoms is vital in avoiding potentially serious illnesses.

Breast lumps, breast pain/discharge, unusual vaginal bleeding/discharge can be extremely worrying but are often signs of only minor illness. However, these symptoms should not be ignored and early investigation and management is essential both for reassurance and to guide treatment options if necessary.

Menopause may present worries and issues for many women. There is a lot of confusion relating to the treatment options for the menopausal symptoms and also the potentially deteriorating bone density that can be associated with the menopause.

Often, a thorough consultation with blood tests and a referral for a bone density scan (“Dexascan”) can be very reassuring for the patient.

Cardiovascular health in women is very important and treating high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc is essential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events such as strokes and heart attacks.

Cervical Screening ie Smear Tests
Aim: 1 To Prevent Cervical Cancer and 2. To detect early Cancer

Normal cervical cells (the tissue sitting at the roof of the vagina) must undergo many different levels of changes before they can become cervical cancer.

Cervical smear tests aim to pick up these changes, during any one of the stages, before they ever become cancerous and these can subsequently be removed, if appropriate, and prevent the cancer from ever starting.

The MediCentre is registered with CervicalCheck ( http://www.cervicalcheck.ie) A cervical smear is a test that that can be done on any lady after she has become sexually active.

It is provided free of charge to every woman between the age of 25 and 60yrs and is an extremely important test in helping to prevent cancer in women.

Some women younger than 25 yrs may be entitled to this test free of charge in certain circumstances under the state provided cervical screening programme and if not, this test can still be provided for a fee through private laboratory services.