Women’s Health

Early screening for Breast,Cervical,Ovarian and Womb issues has saved many womens lives and this is a vital part of primary care medicine.

Travel Vaccinations

When you contact us requesting travel vaccines a receptionist will ask you some details, i.e Where you are travelling too ? When you are travelling ? Types of accommodation you intend to use etc. This information is forwarded to a Doctor and he/she assesses the information you have provided and decides what vaccinations you should…

Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted diseases are an increasing feature of everyday general practice. We offer comprehensive sexual health screening service including full STI testing, and treatment where required.

Pregnancy Care

The combined antenatal care programme allows you to be under joint care of your GP and obstetrician during pregnancy. This is internationally recognised as the best and most convenient form of ante-natal care.

Men’s Health

We are acutely aware of the increased interest men are taking in their own health.

Fitness, Nutrition and Weightloss

Weight loss and achieving fitness levels for some is easy but for others is a lifelong struggle. Fad, extreme diets and brief sudden exercise surges are customary for those trying to achieve immediate and dramatic weight loss and immediate fitness.

Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes mellitus is a lifelong condition caused by a lack, or insufficiency of insulin. Insulin is a hormone – a substance of vital importance that is made by your pancreas. Insulin acts like a key to open the doors into your cells, letting sugar (glucose) in. In diabetes, the pancreas makes too little insulin to…

Corporate Services

We are happy to provide medical services to companies for medical screening, pre-employment medicals or for an independent medical opinion regarding a work issue.